About the event

The Flinders Motoring Heritage event is a display of classic, veteran, vintage and neo classic motorcars and motorbikes displayed around the village of Flinders at Easter. Entry is open to all vehicles regardless of condition and is open to original and restored vehicles.


The event offers a number of trophies in various categories and whilst it is a little competitive (!) the event is designed for everyone to enjoy after a drive to the lovely village of Flinders and enjoy the company of friends and family.  The village offers places to eat, shops to visit and a lovely seaside atmosphere to enjoy.

How to enter

The entry fee is $20 ver vehicle.  All drivers and passengers are free.

You can enter as many vehicles as you like. When making your booking you will be prompted to answer a few questions as to your club and if you would like your vehicle to be judged for various awards. This will help us in allocating you to the correct parking space.

Categories include:

  • Veteran. Pre 1919

  • Vintage. 1919 to 1930

  • Post Vintage Thoroughbred (PVT). English or European post 1930

  • Classic. Post Vintage (1930)

  • Modified. Any vehicle that does not present as original.

  • Car of the Show

  • Best non restored or original car “Oily Rag”

  • Best Vintage motorbike

  • Best Classic motorbike 

When you are booking you will also have the opportunity to donate to Peninsula Health who we are supporting with this event.

If you have any queries or need any assistance with your booking, please email us fmh@flindersdistrictlions.com or call:

Clay Manners (FMH Site Co-ordinator) 0405 692 537

Mary Iles (FMH Marketing) 0418 358 587


The promoter

Flinders and District Lions Club Inc run the fundraising event to encourage visitors to Flinders and to raise funds for Peninsula Health and other local charities and causes. Now in its 6th year, the number of entrants and visitors has grown with up to 200 vehicles and over 2,000 visitors.

The Flinders and District Lions Club encourage community groups and local businesses to become involved however they take the responsibiity for the event whilst managing exhibitors, sponsors parking and administration with a team of volunteers.


The program

  8.00am   Exhibitors cars and bikes arrive

  9.00am   Public entry opens

10.00am   Judging commences

  1.00pm   Judging complete

  1.30pm   Awards ceremony

Other information

All entrants are to follow Covid safe guidelines, maintain 1.5 metre social distancing, utilize QR code on entry and hand sanitizer available on the site.

Please follow current public health directions that entrants must always carry a face mask unless there is a lawful reason not to.  It is strongly recommended that entrants wear a mask wherever you cannot keep 1.5 metres from others.


All vehicles must follow directions of the marshals at all times.

Car boot sales are NOT allowed.

BBQs are not allowed on any of the display areas.

All vehicle movements should be at walking pace or less.

Exhibitors bringing vehicles on trailers must arrive at 8am and arrange for trailer to be parked off site.

All exhibiting cars and bikes are requested to remain at the venue at least until after the awards ceremony.

If you are in a group or club, please ensure you fill in the details correctly on the TryBooking site. The marshals will do their best to keep groups or clubs together, but this cannot be 100% guaranteed as the marshals’ prime responsibility is to keep the traffic moving safely and not to the detriment of other exhibitors.